Biographical Information
Japanese: ウェイビス
Rōmaji: Weibisu
Aliases: Boss
The Water Queen
Tomboy Mermaid
Species: Mermaid
Gender: Female
Allies: Quake


Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Human Sacrifice Procurement Company President
Affiliations: Human Sacrifice Procurement Company
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 9
Image Gallery

Wavis (ウェイビス Weibisu) is the president of the Human Sacrifice Procurement Company: "Stork".



Due to her past, she enjoys seeing people in despair. She also expressed this when she saw the prisoners faces turn from hope to despair.[1] She is also merciless, and is willing to kill anyone, even her own subordinates.[1] More than anything, she firmly believes in her doctrine, that the weak would be in despair when facing the strong, even to the point of sadomasochism.[2]


When she was thirteen, a Dragon Legacy was implanted into her body as an illegal test subject for a pharmaceutical company. With this power, she escaped back to her mermaid village. While the village was in glee that they would be able to exact their revenge against the company, Wavis wondered why they were happy, since she had the power. She then killed half of them, and gave the other half to the company. Since then, her pleasure has been to watch people in despair.


Dragon Legacy: Being a mermaid, her C-Rank Dragon Legacy, Seajack, allows her to use liquid abilities. Specifically, it allows her to freely manipulate liquids mixed with her blood. She can use oil, to create explosions, or poison.


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