Biographical Information
Japanese: ヴェロニア
Rōmaji: Veronia
Gender: Female
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Jinbō-chō Branch of the Royal Police Chief
Affiliations: Jinbō-chō Branch of the Royal Police
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 11
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Veronia (ヴェロニア Veronia ?) is a character in the manga Stealth Symphony. She's Jinbō-chō's Branch Office Chief of the Royal Police..


Veronia is a woman of slender build and tall stature. She has long, light hair and eyes in contrast with a dark skin complexion, and pointed ears. She wears her hair braided, usually falling over her right shoulder. Her uniform is a rather revealing one — It is composed of a short-sleeved black leather jacket mostly unbuttoned, revealing most of the space between her beasts, short black leather shorts, tall boots which extend almost to her knees, black gloves which she wears rolled up and a peaked cap with the emblem of Jinbō-chō's branch of the Royal Police emblazoned on it. On top of all that, she wears a big cape which fits her badly, being larger than her shoulders. She also wears glasses. She is always carrying a whip


Veronia is a ruthless law enforcer, having no respect for those who don't respect the laws. She is very aggressive when angry, and despise anyone who commits a crime.