V&V Total Security Protection
VV Protection
Company Information
Japanese: V&V綜合警備保障
Rōmaji: Vāchū & Vaisu Sōgō Keibihoshō
Professional Statistics
Business: Security
Location: Jinbō-chō
First Appearance
Manga: About That Man's Invisibility, Part 1
V&V Total Security Protection (V&V綜合警備保障 Vāchū & Vaisu Sōgō Keibihoshō?) is a company that protects people in the area of Jinbo-Cho known as "Pickpocket Street." As stated by the officer that met Jig, the company also has bodyguards. The company also uses security cameras.[1]


V&V Total Security Protection is ranked third place in the world out of all security agencies. The president states they are at the top of the security agencies in Jinbo-Cho. The building itself of V&V is Emeth, who is the security system, controlling the several functions in the building.


Business RankingEdit

V&V Total Security Protection has a business ranking. It's a rough estimate of popularity according to the clients' feedback, as stated by Troma Yabusame. It used to only show the Top 5, but now it shows the Top 10 because Troma was sulking about failing in getting into the Top 5.



  • V&V stands for Virtue and Vice, which is the policy of the company.[1]


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