Toroma Yabusame
Troma Yabusame
Biographical Information
Japanese: 藪雨 トロマ
Rōmaji: Yabusame Toroma
Aliases: Glass Dragon
Species: Dragon
Gender: Male
Allies: Alice Nijigami
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Body Guard
Affiliations: V&V Total Security Protection
Previous Affiliation(s): Assassin Guild
First Appearance
Manga: About That Man's Invisibility, Part 1
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Troma Yabusame (藪雨 トロマ Yabusame Toroma) is an invisible Dragon and a high-ranking employee of the security company V&V Total Security Protection.[1]


Troma is invisible, but is able to be "seen" by wearing a green and white mask with a brown strap to hold on his head. Even though he is invisible, his shape has been shown in the manga, with both lighting and water. He has a spiky hair and wears a hooded robe. Although his height was not clearly stated, but according to the back of volume 1, Toroma is shorter than Souya Yuunagi. And according to Volume 3, Toroma is also shorter than Alice and Slice.

In Troma's natural appearance, he is a big dragon with horns on his head and wings that have spikes at the point.[1]


Toroma has no beliefs, dreams, or goals due to his invisibility. Which is why he wants to help other people in achieving their goals, no matter if their goals are good or bad. This is shown when Jig wanted to destroy the world in chapter 1, yet Toroma continued to support him. He thinks that it's noble to have a dream.

Toroma had also been described to be like a glass in the later chapter. Because he accepts everything and anything without differentiating (for example he would care for someone he just met as much as he cared for his life-long friends) everything becomes the inside of him (described as "water inside glass"). And because of that the glass became full, and everything falls from inside him.

Jig and Slice had also stated that rather than people can't see Toroma, it's Toroma himself that never saw anyone, and that "accepting everything" and "doesn't care" pretty much means the same.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Swordsmanship: Toroma demonstrated expert swordplay when fighting against Sōya Yūnagi in the Assassin Bakery, being able to fend him off while he was using his Step Technique and different swords.

Super Strength: When Jerking crushed Toroma in between the rocks, he was able to break free, shattering the rocks. This is because he is a dragon, thus possessing a great physical strength.

Powerful Breathing: Toroma was able to create a powerful burst of wind from just breathing, being able to send Jerking flying back. His breath has shown to be so powerful, that it leaves a deep trail in the ground. The shape it comes out in is like a tornado.

Invisible Dragon Physiology: Being a Dragon, Troma has the natural abilities of one. Due to him being an invisible dragon though; some of his abilities are slightly different.

  • Magic: Like all Dragons, Troma has magic. The way he uses his magic is a common way among Dragons, which is transforming himself into a human. His scales turn into clothes; it is unknown whether this ability is unique to him or if all Dragons can do that.
  • Extreme Durability: Toroma has been shown to be able to take a lot of powerful attacks and appear unfazed. He survived being crushed in between to rocks by Jakking Kawaharada. He was able to take offensive attacks from Jig and still be able to walk towards him without stopping for injuries. When Toroma got blasted back from Jig's attack and got hit into the water tank he still had the strength to move and take a hit straight to the face from Jerking.
  • Material Consumption and Breathing: Unlike other dragons, Troma cannot breathe flames or ice on his own. But he can suck in things around him, transforming what he sucks in, into his breath. Meaning the more allies that can "feed him" , the stronger he gets, as stated by Souya Yuunagi. During the Black Dragon Arc, Toroma had also used this power to consume the other dragon's life energy.
  • Invisibility: Troma is invisible in almost every way. His body is invisible, his sweat has no odor, and his heartbeat doesn't make any sound. Even his possessions turn invisible, however this doesn't include things he receives from other people.


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