Mr. Slice
Biographical Information
Japanese: スライス
Rōmaji: Suraisu
Aliases: Mr. Slice
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Professional Statistics
First Appearance
Manga: The Princess of the Vampires
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Slice (スライス Suraisu?) is a character of the manga Stealth Symphony. He's the Second Richest Man in the Country, according to himself. He has a deep hatred for Alice Nijigami.


Slice is a tall slender man with medium length hair that is tied up in a pony tail and has two bangs that hang a little past his mouth. Slice is mostly seen wearing a striped vest over a dark dress shirt that has collars with different color ends. He wears the vest buttoned up covering up part of his tie. His pants match his vest and wears dress shoes with a layered like design.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Dragon Legacy: Slice has the A-Rank Dragon Legacy, McGuffin, which allows him to quell the abilities of nearby Legacies.