Sōya Yūnagi
Biographical Information
Japanese: 夕凪ソウヤ
Rōmaji: Yūnagi Sōya
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Cream White
Eye Color: Red
Status: Alive
Allies: Jarking Kawaharada (Formerly)
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Assassin
Other Occupation(s):
  • Assassin Guild Vice Boss
  • Baker
First Appearance
Manga: About That Man's Invisibility, Part 2
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Sōya Yūnagi (夕凪ソウヤ Yūnagi Sōya?) is the Vice Boss of the Assassin Guild.[1]


Sōya has mid-length cream white hair, with a silver metal accessory on it, in the design of a horn. He has red eyes and on his left ear he wears two silver earrings, with one being on the top and the other being on the bottom, connected by a chain of the same color. He wears armor with many belt straps, blue gems, and chains on it. In the middle of his chest is a creature with horns, and a symbol on it's forehead. The armor has silver plates on the knee and the elbow.


As described by Troma Yabusame, he is "quite a decent guy." Although he is a very nice and respectful person, he often goes into a dark, serious state where he says and does things that would be considered scary and terrifying by most people. He ends up going back to his nice personality after that like nothing ever happened. Even when stabbing Jarking Kawaharada, he was smiling, then he got serious stating what Jarking should do. What creeps Jig out is that sometimes Sōya even smiles and acts normal with situations in a way that no normal person would.


Swords: It appears Sōya has many different distinct swords, all with different sizes and different designs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordsmanship: Sōya has been shown to be very skilled in swordplay being able to wield many different kinds of swords of different shapes and sizes very skillfully, no matter of how the hilt or blade was. He was even shown to be able to wield two swords at the same time.

High Intelligence: When Sōya stabbed Jarking, he said he avoided all of Jarking's vitals, showing that he had knowledge of all the vital spots in the body. He also knew that Jarking would need to see a doctor. Sōya was also smart enough to figure out that Jig's Dragon Heirloom is at least a C-Rank and that it only reacts to hostility around Jig.

Skilled Baker: Sōya's hobby is baking, and he is very skilled at it, getting both good reactions from Jig and Troma. Jig was attracted by the smell and Troma said the bread was very good. Sōya runs his own bakery called Assassin Bakery.


  • Crimson Moon Style Breaking Technique: Crushing-Type (紅月流破術式砕 Kōgetsuryū Hajutsu: Shikisai?): With four tags, Sōya impales them with his sword, and sends a powerful beam at his opponent, destroying them.[2]
  • Souya Step Technique

    Unnamed Step Technique

    Unnamed Step Technique: Sōya uses a step technique that puts together after-images and illusions that makes it look like there is more than one of him. He used this for the first time in chapter 3, when Jig, scared, tried to run away from him in the Assassin Bakery.


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