The Prisoner Liberation Arc is the second arc of the series. It involves Jig, Laika Narukami, and Colt Yukimiya freeing prisoners captured by the Human Sacrifice Procurement Company. On the other side, Troma, Alice, and Master are hired by the company to protect the prisoners from them. However, the two teams unite when battling the boss, Wavis. It spans from chapters 6 to 11.5. It is preceded by the V&V Total Security Protection Arc, and succeeded by the 'now' final arc The Black Dragon Arc

Attacking the TrailerEdit

The mission given to Jig and Laika was to attack a trailer carrying human lab-rats, and free the prisoners. At the ambush site, they encounter Colt Yukimiya, the best wolfborg user in Cavalry Scholar, who would be working with them. Colt reveals his assertive personality by acting as their leader. As the truck approaches, it is revealed to Jig by Laika that the guards of the trailer were of V&V Total Security Protection, one being his own guardian, Troma. Master then proceeds to attack them with a wind technique. Colt declares him as his opponent and fights him. Alice joins in the fray and also attacks Colt. Jig, wanting to save the people, decides to fight Troma, going as far to say that he would even become Troma's enemy. Troma, being in a predicament, negotiates with Jig's team. Both teams would escort the prisoners to the lab. Then, they would not need to protect the prisoners any longer, allowing Jig's team to fulfill their duty.

United Front vs. WavisEdit

Before Troma's plan can go into effect, the company's boss, Wavis, reveals herself from disguising as a prisoners. Two of her guards condemn her for this, and she kills them. She decides to kill both teams, and reveals her Dragon Legacy, Seajack. A fierce battle ensues between the two of them, and Troma uses his Dragon abilities to absorb the liquids of Wavis' ability. Her past is shown; she had her Dragon Legacy implanted into her by a pharmaceutical company, but she escaped. Returning to her village, she killed half the residents, and gave the other half to the company, since they were in glee of getting back at the company, but she had the power. Since then, it was her goal to see people in despair. With the combined abilities of the six-man team, she was overwhelmed. As she was about to be defeated, she grabbed one of the prisoners as a hostage, but the prisoner reveals himself to be another undercover, an Assassin Guild member named Sick. He uses his B-Rank Dragon Legacy to take her to another universe, alive, where he plans to "play" with her.


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