Biographical Information
Japanese: マイムロンド
Rōmaji: Maimurondo
Aliases: Mimerond the Dragon Slayer
Mr. Gruzon
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Red and Navy Blue
Eye Color: Gold
Status: Alive
Rivals: Assassin Guild
Enemies: Dragons
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: President of V&V Total Security Protection
Affiliations: V&V Total Security Protection
Previous Occupation(s): Dragon Slayer
First Appearance
Manga: About That Man's Invisibility, Part 2
Image Gallery

Mimerond (マイムロンド Maimurondo)[1] is the hero who revolted against the dragons' dictatorship of the world and banished them to the moon. Currently he is the president of V&V Total Security Protection.


Mimerond is a short man with long red and navy blue hair that sprouts from the middle of his scout sticking up. He has long ears ears that stick out side ways, a long point nose, and long sharp teeth that stick up from the bottom of his mouth. He wears a white dress shirt with a gold tie under a brown suit with gold buttons. A distinct feature on him is his black eyepatch that has MR on it in orange letters.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dragon Legacy: Mimerond has the Dragon Legacy, Summoning Ring, which allows him to summon 1,000 demonic beast from another dimension. He has used the abilities of the Dragon Legacy to escape from the V&V Total Security Protection's site.

Combat: It is unknown what type of combat abilities Mimerond has, but he apparently has some since he was able to defeat the dragons and send them to the moon.


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