Biographical Information
Japanese: マスター
Rōmaji: Masutā
Species: Unknown
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Professional Statistics
Affiliations: V&V Total Security Protection
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 5
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Master (マスター Masutā?) is a Shinobi/Ninja who works at V&V Total Security Protection. She is ranked 3rd in the V&V Business Ranking.


Master Revealed

Master without her shinobi attire

Master is a woman of average height, and has sky-blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a indigo shinobi suit which has the kanji for Shinobi (忍) on the forehead. The part of the suit that covers her face is cut off at the top and the location of the eyes, where her hair is able to stick out and her eyes are able to be seen clearly. 

Under her shinobi attire, her hair is tied in a pony tail and has a shuriken shaped hair piece. She wears bandages on her chest to cover them.




Shurikens: Master has a shurikens that have the ability to indefinitely multiply.

Kunai: Master has a common ninja weapon which is a kunai.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shadow Travel: Master has the power to travel through shadows.

Light Bending: Master has the power to bend light. This ability was shown when she bent the light blast coming from the Wolf-borgs of Cavalry Scholar.

Master Shurikenjutsu: Master is very skilled at the martial art of throwing shuriken. Being able to throw them at high speeds, and even able to make them reach space.


  • Iruma Ninja Army Mystery: Bamboo Cutting Wind (イルマ忍軍奥義竹断風 Iruma Ningun Ōgi: Taketachi Kaze?): Master creates a large whirlwind in the form of a large person, with eyes.