Laika Narukami
Narukami Laika
Biographical Information
Japanese: 鳴神ライカ
Rōmaji: Narukami Raika
Species: Human (Cyborg)
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Unknown(Natural)

Blue(Cyborg eyes)

Allies: Jig, Colt Yukimiya, Hank
Enemies: Human Sacrifice Procurement Company
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Investigator
Affiliations: Cavalry Scholar
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 5
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Laika Narukami (鳴神ライカ Narukami Raika?) is a Cyborg and Cavalry Scholar. She lost her vision in an accident and got robot eyes as a replacement.


Laika is a relatively short girl with pink hair. She has bangs that cover what would be her eyes, and she wears a strapless orange sweater, as well as an orange hairband with cat ears on it. Robots that act as her eyes stay within a close vicinity.


Laika is a reckless and careless person, as seen when she suggested killing Jig, and when she suggested using her Dragon Heirloom, Beholder, to destroy the trailer where the Human Sacrifice Procurement Company held their subjects captive.


She was involved in the Dragon's plan of making the Key to their ship and had it blow up and that turned her into a Cyborg and this all happen Five Years ago. Then she has worked for Cavalry Scholar for the rest of the time because it helps up keep her Cybernetics and allow her to see.



The Beholder.

Dragon Legacy: Laika's Dragon Legacy, Beholder, is a Satellite, which is similar to her cyborg eyes, but with solar panels on its sides. It can shoot powerful beams on the world's surface.