Jinbō-chō (神保町) is a big city where a lot of different Species gather.


It was built on top of the ruins of where the Dragons used to live. The Dragons left behind heirlooms which drew many people from all over the world to Jinbō-chō. These heirlooms are magical items that can come in many different shapes, whether it be rings, bracelets, or medicines. With heirlooms still being unearthed, many people gather here. Jinbō Town survives off these heirlooms, good or bad. According to Fairy Tales, it's the place where the hero, Mimerond drove out the tyrannical dragons.

In the city there is an unwritten rule called "Stealth Symphony" which is the unwritten rule of the city's organizations; or as stated by Sōya Yūnagi, it was the unwritten rule. Stealthy Symphony is a rule that states you don't bring in your disputes from outside your job. According to Troma Yabusame, its a rule of the city in order to avoid large-scale strife among the different organizations.