Jig Kumonuma
Biographical Information
Japanese: 雲沼 ジグ
Rōmaji: Kumonuma Jigu
Aliases: The Devil
Bionic Boy
Species: Human (Cyborg)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Status: Alive
Relatives Father (deceased),
Mother (deceased),
Lil Kumonuma (sister, deceased)
Allies: Troma Yabusame
Rivals: Sōya Yūnagi
Enemies: Jarking Kawaharada
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Mercenary
First Appearance
Manga: About That Man's Invisibility, Part 1
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Jig Kumonuma (雲沼 ジグ Kumonuma Jigu?) is the main character of Stealth Symphony.[1]


Jig has brown hair that sticks up at the top and lays down around his head curving upwards. He has brown eyes and wears a white button up shirt with light blue, blue, and white striped tie under a brown vest that matches his hair and his eyes. On his vest he has what appears to be some type of badge that is a red circle with a red zig-zag line going through a black background. On his back he has iron wings from his Dragon Heirloom. He wears beige pants that stop above his ankles and he wears blue sandals.


Jig is a very honest, nice, and determined person. He cares about other people around him, being terrified that someone will get hurt because of his "curse" or his Dragon Heirloom. It is shown that he has a curious worrying side about him that makes him worry about things that he doesn't know but at the same time have curiosity about it. He gets easily startled as shown when random things pop up on him unexpectedly. This is because a lot of things surprise him since he is not used to Jinbō-chō's unusual things.


In the past Jig was sick, being said that he wouldn't live much longer. It was said that the only way he would survive was with cyborg parts. This was used as a life support system and the orphanage director said he would take full responsibility.

One day the orphanage director told him about a place called Jinbō-chō, where there would be an exorcist that can remove his curse. The head of the orphanage gave him money and a "good luck charm".

He then set out on a journey travelling on a train where he wrote his sister a letter. He eventually arrived in the town, where he was then attacked by an unknown man with a construction beam hanging from a crane. His Dragon Heirloom, which was at first thought of to be a curse, countered the attack, saving his life. The result of the counter caused the crane to fall and be destroyed.

After the incident the police came, and in response Jig was saying it wasn't him. He thought the police wouldn't believe him, but with something like that not being "unusual" in the town, they did believe him.

The police then told him of the dangers of the area he was going to, adding on that the police have no jurisdiction there and protecting him would be a job for "them." The officer told him about the company having body guards.

Jig went there and sat in one of the rooms, being confronted by Alice Nijigami, who began to help him. He told her his history then someone who claimed be an "invisible man" appeared, whose name was Troma Yabusame, and startled him, due to looking like a floating, talking mask. He introduced himself and him and Jig set out on Jig's journey. Jig and Troma began to get to know each other and discussed things about Jinbō-chō and the history of it. While Jig and Troma were walking, Troma got a call from Alice saying when Jig had his accident earlier, a hitman was there.

Just as that happened a Hitman attacked. The building they were in, exploded in the middle of it. The "curse" also countered the explosion. Troma helped counter the hitman and they escaped to the top of the building, waiting. Suddenly the rooftop collapsed.

Jarking Kawaharada appeared and now begin to tell Jig the truth about his "charm". He revealed to Jig that it was a tracking device. He also begin to tell about the orphanage director and the truth about his "curse" which is revealed to be a Dragon Heirloom. Jig begin to now be filled with anger, as his power released out. Being not a "defensive reaction, but a pure offensive attack".

Jarking attacked Troma, but Troma survived. The two begin to talk about why Troma was with Jig. Troma started to communicate with Jig in which Jig begin to reply with attacks. Troma, taking the attacks still continued with communication and begin to get through to Jig. Jarking attacked Troma again which Troma also taking that attack.

Jig then tells Troma to tell his family he's sorry and then falls off the building attempting to commit suicide. Troma dashed to Jig's fall saving him from committing suicide. Troma then tells Jig that he must admit something to him. He isn't an invisible man, but an invisible dragon.[1]

It was then revealed in the last arc that almost everything about Jig, from the letters to the heirloom, was all a lie.


Dragon Legacy: Jig has a Dragon Legacy which is a pair of iron wings, which were attached to him by the orphanage director to test the legacy's powers. It was originally thought of to be a life support system that a deceased sorcerer created for himself, having a curse that came with it. Due to this it was believed an evil sorcerer was attached to it. The powers of the legacy completely protect Jig from any hostile attack and repays it two-fold. When Jig was angry, it was shown to have an offensive capability too, where the wings expand and give him a dragon-like appearance.[1] For some instance it is said to be a shell of a dragon and will become a black dragon sooner or later.


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