Jarking Kawaharada
Kawaharada Jacking
Biographical Information
Japanese: 河原田ジャーキング
Rōmaji: Kawaharada Jākingu
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Status: Alive
Allies: Souya Yuunagi (Formerly)
Enemies: Jig
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Assassin
Affiliations: Assassin Guild
First Appearance
Manga: About That Man's Invisibility, Part 1
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Jarking Kawaharada (河原田ジャーキング Kawaharada Jākingu) is a hitman in the Assassin Guild.[1]


Jarking is a big man that has long ears that stick out and sharp teeth. He has slick black hair on the left side of his head, on the right side of his head he has a tattoo. Matching the tattoo on the right side of his head is a tattoo on his chin that can be mistaken for a beard. He wears shades and a trench coat over a robe that is tied with a belt, that has a spade on the buckle. Under his robe is a white button up shirt and a tie, and around his neck is a long bead necklace.



Jarking is hired to assassinate Jig and take his Dragon Heirloom.[1]


Poisonous Gas: On Jarking's belt he has cans of poisonous gas.


Telekinesis: Jarking has telekinetic powers, allowing him to move objects without physical interaction.[1]


  • Jākingu (ジャーキング) is the Japanese way to pronounce the word "jerking" in English.


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