Dragon Heirlooms
A Dragon Legacy is an heirloom that is a magical item left behind by Dragons, in Jinbo-Cho. They come in many different shapes, whether it be it be rings, bracelets, medicines, or something else. Troma Yabusame says that even a human can make miracles happen by using them. According to him, the heirlooms are still being unearthed.[1]


Heirloom Ranks

Troma explaining the ranks.

The items are ranked depending on what miracles they do. The ranks go from least to greatest.[1]
  • Rank E: It is said a rank E item is worth a mansion.[1]
  • Rank D: For example one Rank D item is a thermos with a never ending supply of water. Troma says the person who got his hands on it, created a country out in the western desert.[1]
  • Rank C
  • Rank B
  • Rank A


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