Doctor Bugdoll
Dr Bugdoll
Biographical Information
Japanese: ドクトル・バグドル
Rōmaji: Dokutoru Bagudoru
Species: Ogre
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: White (pupil-less)
Status: Alive
Professional Statistics
Affiliations: V&V Total Security Protection
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 1
Image Gallery
Doctor Bagdoll (ドクトル・バグドル Dokutoru Bagudoru?) is an ogre who works for V&V Total Security Protection. He is ranked 4th in the V&V Business Ranking.


Doctor Bugdoll is a large muscular ogre with pupil-less eyes, and purple rings around them. He has fabric-like patches of blue and light beige/yellow on his face, as well as two horns on his forehead, one in a blue patch and the other in a light beige/yellow patch, giving his skin a checkered appearance. His two lower canines stick out of his mouth. He has half a dumbbell sticking out from either side of his head.



V&V Total Security Protection ArcEdit

Doctor Bugdoll first appears in the end of Chapter 2, after Troma calls for reinforcements, though at first he questions why they are there (forgetting he was the one who called them). The President then challenges Sōya to a fight, both the V&V and the Assassin Guild withdraw due to the police. Bugdoll is then seen again when President unleashes 100 beasts from another dimension into the V&V building, helping to defeat them.