Assassin Guild
Assassin Guild
Company Information
Professional Statistics
Business: Assassination
Location: Jinbō-chō
Vice-Leader: Sōya Yūnagi
First Appearance
Manga: About That Man's Invisibility, Part 1
The Assassin Guild is a guild of assassins, as stated in the name. Sōya Yūnagi is the Vice Boss of the guild.


When the Assassin Guild was first introduced, Troma Yabusame stated that it is basically like a company for hitmen. Souya said to Jarking Kawaharada that keeping people's trust is the most important thing for the Assassin Guild. He expelled Jarking, and told Jig not to be scared because once an assassin gets expelled, all of their contracts become invalid, so a new one needs to be created. That is one of the rules of the guild. Stated by Souya, the Assassin Guild desires the Dragon Legacies.