Alice Nijigami
Alice Nijigami
Biographical Information
Japanese: 虹神 アリス
Rōmaji: Nijigami Arisu
Aliases: Soul Picker
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Lavender
Eye Color: Purple
Status: Alive
Relatives Vampire Mom (deceased)
Human Dad (deceased)
Allies: Troma Yabusame
Enemies: Slice
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Administrator
Affiliations: V&V Total Security Protection
First Appearance
Manga: About That Man's Invisibility, Part 1
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Alice Nijigami (虹神 アリス Nijigami Arisu?) is a vampire who is a descendant of vampires with the "Soul Picker" power, which is unique to her clan. She works for V&V Total Security Protection and does the administrative tasks.[1] She is ranked 5th in the V&V Business Ranking.


Alice is slim with long ears that stick out and has long hair that reaches past her waist. She wears glasses with no rim at the top and wears a white button up shirt that is under a black suit jacket. To go with her suit jacket, is suit pants and high heels. On her head, she appears to have wings.


Alice is a very nice person, happily helping Jig with his needs. Although nice, she has been shown to have a serious and furious side of her, as shown when she yelled at Troma Yabusame for not introducing himself to Jig.


She first met Jig when Jig came to the building of V&V Total Security Protection. She gladly assisted him and talked about Jig's reason for coming to Jinbou-chou. While Jig and Troma were in the building of where the exorcist was suppose to be; she called Troma telling him the information about Jakking Kawaharada.[1]


Bat De-materialization: Alice can de-materialize into bats and them reform herself back into her normal shape. This allows her to travel in a flock of bats and allowing her to move at a much faster speed, which allowed her to dodge a wolf-borg's attack.

Soul Picker: Alice inherited the Soul Picker power from her clan, which is a special power that allows her to eat the power of others together with their blood and make them her own.


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